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Woodfired Pizza: 3 Suggestions for Choosing the Best Type of Wood

The pizza industry in Australia has grown 3.0% from 2010 to 2015, and more and more Australians are embracing gourmet and healthier options. Woodfired pizzas from places like Valentino’s Woodfire Pizzeria & Restaurant contain more flavor as the wood burned is fragrant. The type of wood being burned will have a huge influence on the overall […]

How To Eat Out At Any Restaurant When You’re Gluten-Free

Some restaurants are beginning to cater for special dietary requirements, but it’s still difficult to find restaurants with gluten-free options on their menu. When you’re travelling or eating out with friends you may not have total control over the restaurants you visit, but abstaining from gluten doesn’t have to stop you from eating out. Here […]

Is there a right way to eat sushi?

Apparently, there is a correct way to eat sushi. Here are some tips on how to eat sushi correctly, thereby avoiding confusion and offense. Using Chopsticks First, it is quite acceptable to use either chopsticks or fingers when eating sushi. Do not, however, rub your chopsticks together to remove splinters. This is the height of […]