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Is there a right way to eat sushi?

Apparently, there is a correct way to eat sushi. Here are some tips on how to eat sushi correctly, thereby avoiding confusion and offense. Using Chopsticks First, it is quite acceptable to use either chopsticks or fingers when eating sushi. Do not, however, rub your chopsticks together to remove splinters. This is the height of […]

3 Popular Indian Dishes You Have to Try

Eating out at a restaurant is a huge pleasure, and many people love to indulge on the weekend and eat at an Indian restaurant with their partners, families, friends, and loved ones. The only problem you might have when visiting an Indian restaurant is knowing exactly what each dish really is. If the Indian menu […]

BBQ Ideas for Your Work Party

When you lead an organisation, you have to ensure that your workforce is always motivated so that every member of staff can work to full productivity at all times. All work and no play makes for a tired and unrewarded team who won’t be able to work to full capacity. This is why it’s a […]